Handmade Walk in the Woods Earrings in oxidized silver by Rachel Lucie

I've just added the handmade silver Walk in the Woods Earrings to my Inspired Collection today. They compliment the Walk in the Woods Bracelet, also inspired by the many greens of nature. 

I combined verdigris-coloured copper turquoise with mossy green garnets offset by oxidized silver and I had to choose which of the many green stones I should use from the bracelet, it wasn't easy!


Both these stones are unusual, another reason for choosing them for this design. The grossular green garnets are so glossy, contrasting beautifully with the matt-finish on the veined copper turquoise. If you're a lover of greens, like me, you'll find these are a very versatile pair of earrings.
Walk in the Woods handmade oxidized silver bracelet by Rachel Lucie


Rachel x