Au revoir, but not goodbye

Au revoir, but not goodbye


I started Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs way back in 2008

Since contracting ME/CFS in June 2019 unfortunately I have not recovered. I managed with a mostly housebound life, still able to walk my dog sometimes, and deal with the lessening jewellery orders that came my way. I no longer promoted myself and was unable to attend fairs.

I announced last year that I would change the way I worked to accommodate my illness with a view to my ongoing recovery. This worked really well, and I had some lovely supportive messages from clients.

However, following my first Astra Zeneca vaccination in March this year I became very ill. I also developed a condition called POTS (postural orthastatic tacycardia syndrome), and have not recovered.

This was over 6 months ago, and as I am still too ill to work, regrettably I have to pause Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs for until further notice.

I want to thank all my loyal customers over the years, and can only give my heart felt apologies to those whose orders I have not been able to fulfill recently. It has been such an honour to be part of your lives through gifts and the pieces of jewellery that have significance to you and the people you love.

I haven't given up, and do hope at some point to be well enough to reopen.

Au revoir, but not goodbye! 💜

Rachel xx

Christmas on my mind...

Christmas on my mind...

What can be said about 2020?

What can we say about Christmas? I think, restrictions willing, we should have the best Christmases that we are able. Don’t you?

Some good news is that I am slowly getting back to my studio and working on increased orders, and I’m carefully pacing myself. I’m also working at getting stockists restocked and new items on here for you to treat yourself or your missed loved ones.
Spring blossom by Rachel Lucie

A New Way of Working in Uncertain Times


I'm writing in strange times, I very much hope that you are ok.

I've been wanting to write this for a while, but uncertain what to do. Now my decision has been forced on my by the new global situation (of which I shall not name - am I the only one with an inbox full of emails from every company with that word in the title and addressed to me by name?).

Rachel Lucie Handmade Jewellery Hebden Bridge 2019

Hebden Bridge Open Studios 2019

Come and meet the maker, that's me, this 5th, 6th & 7th July in the Hebden Bridge Open Studios...

Bring it on, 2019!

Bring it on, 2019!

Welcome to my new updated website for 2019! 

I've recently been tweaking and editing, and doing a lot of updating...

summer shop close message

Summer Holidays!

It's holiday time again, and I will be taking some time off with my family for a couple of weeks...
Thank you from handmade jewellery designer

Thank You!

After a year of exciting change; moving my family, relocating my business and renovating my new home I have a massive thank you to say to...
christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

This year, for the first time, I am not able to create and launch a new jewellery collection for Autumn/Winter...
wanderlust jewellery by rachel lucie

Wanderlust Jewellery

Just in time for this summer's longest day solstice, I have added my summer jewellery collection - Wanderlust...
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Reopened the Shop!

I am delighted to tell you that we have now moved and are settling in to our new home...
mothers day message

Mother's Day

Spring is really here and Mother's Day just around the corner...
Christmas message 2016

Merry Christmas!

To all my amazing customers, on this longest mid winter night, thank you for your support and friendship this year. Have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!