Valentine Gift Ideas

I might be biased, but I don't think there can be a better message of love than giving handmade silver jewellery, the perfect gift for your Valentine...You know you are buying something unique, decadent and colourful which has been designed and created by hand just for the person you love.

Heart shaped green pearl necklace handmade with garnets

Happily Ever After Necklace

I've put together a selection my jewellery to give you some ideas. Called Be My Valentine I took the romantic heart shape for inspiration, or instead you could look at any of my handmade jewellery made with pearls

handmade victorian inspired silver charm bracelet

Victorian Sweetheart Charm Bracelet

Not everyone loves pearls or hearts, of course. Your loved one might prefer something a little less obvious, or it might be for a beloved friend or relative, in which case, take a look at the Jewellery Collections, or Best Selling Jewellery for more ideas.

handmade vasilisa pearl and garnet gold bracelet

Vasilisa Bracelet

You could always opt for a Rachel Lucie Gift Certificate, instead, great for when you just can't decide!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rachel x