Little Red Riding Hood Jewellery

What jewellery collection inspired by traditional tales could leave out Little Red?! Here is a new handmade jewellery design that forms part of my Folklore Collection, Little Red Riding Hood which you can buy either as earrings or necklace - or both, of course!


Handmade ruby necklace by Rachel Lucie                    Little Red Riding Hood Earrings handmade by Rachel Lucie


I have used gorgeous tiny ruby beads with a distinctive shaped silver link and wire wrapping, the design reminds me some folk art designs and the rich colours of the rubies are great to warm you up this Autumn / Winter.

Be careful on the way to Grandma's house .....


Handmade silver and ruby earrings                     Contemporary handmade silver and ruby necklace

You can find them here:

Little Red Riding Hood Earrings

Little Red Riding Hood Necklace

Rachel x