All that Glitters ...

All that Glitters ...

Launching right now is my new handmade jewellery collection - Aura - which I have designed with Spring and Summer in mind.


handmade marbled brass necklace

 Neapolitan Necklace

I have been experimenting with new materials and have been using brass in some of the new designs along with oxidized silver and some great pastel or marbled stones for the coming months. 

If you have just popped onto the website, you can see I've had a little update with some bright spring colours, too. I am also adding some new designs to the Alchemy Collection, which I am still developing this spring/summer.


handmade amazonite oxidized bracelet

Jove Necklace


handmade oxidized semi-precious bracelet


Jove Bracelet


Why not have a look around at some of my new designs, more are being added over the coming weeks. 

Enjoy your springtime!

Rachel x


New Jewellery Round up

Despite my denials, the seasons are turning, and the end of Summer is upon us. I'm busy getting things in order for new designs for the Autumn/Winter season, and have started added a few items already.

Aegean necklace and earrings are now available online (after being available in galleries and shows for a little while). They are made using beautiful turquoise-shaded chrysocolla tear drops.



Here is a new and rather sweet little design called Truelove. Just a pair of tiny silver hearts on simple hooks which I think might be perfect for younger bridesmaids, or girls who are getting their first 'dangly' earrings. Also great for any lovers of smaller earrings as I often tend to make my designs longer or bigger. I'm thinking pairs of these will end up in quite a few stockings, this Christmas!



There are more designs on the way, of course! 

Rachel x