Despite my denials, the seasons are turning, and the end of Summer is upon us. I'm busy getting things in order for new designs for the Autumn/Winter season, and have started added a few items already.

Aegean necklace and earrings are now available online (after being available in galleries and shows for a little while). They are made using beautiful turquoise-shaded chrysocolla tear drops.



Here is a new and rather sweet little design called Truelove. Just a pair of tiny silver hearts on simple hooks which I think might be perfect for younger bridesmaids, or girls who are getting their first 'dangly' earrings. Also great for any lovers of smaller earrings as I often tend to make my designs longer or bigger. I'm thinking pairs of these will end up in quite a few stockings, this Christmas!



There are more designs on the way, of course! 

Rachel x
September 18, 2014 — Rachel Johns