Bring it on, 2019!

Welcome to my new updated website for 2019! 

I've recently been tweaking and editing, and doing a lot of updating in my website. I've been thinking about how I spend my time online, and what is important to me. I've been thinking about what makes me happy and reconnecting with how I want to work, and how that fits with what makes my business successful and a worth while thing to pursue. 

2018 was a very difficult year personally and creatively for me, for many conflicting reasons. My mental health really took a beating, and my creativity crashed and burned. I really lost my way. That may not sound like the kind of update you were hoping to read, but I have been struggling with the pretence of the online world. As a creative person, I think I have to feel that what I do is authentic, and it's hard to loose yourself nowadays, to over share or not be real enough. I feel I have to have a little honesty about where I've been at, if not the details. I should also mention that I have now been running my independent jewellery business for nearly 11 years, something I finally feel able to celebrate. That's quite a feat for someone working alone and creating an independent business and career from the ground up. And a lot of jewellery! I think maybe I have also been rather burnt out.

This is a positive post, I promise! Recently many good changes have occurred in how I feel about myself and my business, and as i feel stronger, those sparks of creativity are returning. That has come with some Konmari spirit (you've been watching Marie Kondo? If not, you must!) and so I've decided to close my separate blog that I ran from 2008, and keep my briefer, more shop based blog here. Does anyone read proper blogs anymore? I am using Instagram for daily mini posts of what I'm up to, commissions I'm working on or what inspired me that day, and that's enough for me. I hope you might like to follow.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and many loyal customers over the years who really make everything worthwhile.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding new designs that you have been waiting for, and am looking forward to building my business back up by reaching new customers (and maybe reconnecting with some old ones who had forgotten about me).


Rachel x

March 05, 2019 — Rachel Johns