We are currently in last and most disruptive stage of Rachel Lucie HQ renovations, started 2 years ago and involving reroofing the house, converting the loft, moving the boiler and radiators and finally, now, a three bedroom swap around with full decoration.

We are squeezing every last inch of space out of our little house and home workshop to expand Rachel Lucie Designs and bring (some!) family peace. Apart from the roof and water related parts, we have done all this work ourselves, with Mr RL doing the power tool related things and now my bit - decorating every surface in sight.

I hope you'll understand that jewellery has to take a back seat for a few weeks until everything is returned to a normal, and in fact a much better state than when we started (or it will be a very poor show, won't it?). All current orders and commissions are being finished off this week, and new orders can be placed right now, as usual as long as you don't mind a longer wait than normal.

SAVE THE DATE : Back open 8th May

Please do get in touch if you want a special commission, such as for a wedding, as I will be available to email and can contact you directly to discuss your needs.

Thanks for your patience, it's much appreciated!

Rachel x

April 11, 2013 — Rachel Johns